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After reading some testimonials on Tampa North's web page, I really thought I should send mine in as well.

I live just north of the airport, and passed the runway hundreds of times over the last several years, driving south on I75. Over the years I mentioned a handful of times to my husband that I wished I had gotten my private pilots license. I really thought I was too old to consider pursuing this, but luckily he didn't think so. My birthday present one year was a discovery flight, with the infamous Chuck Norris. I was hooked on flying after that first trip, and started my journey to become a General Aviation Pilot shortly after that flight.

I didn't know anything about flying when I started this journey. I could not name of one part of the plane (okay, maybe the wing) prior to starting my instruction. This should not stop anybody from learning to fly. I really don't think there is one person out there that can know less than I did about airplanes when I flew that first time. (I now pronounce pitot correctly.)

The employees at Tampa North are patient, knowledgeable, and have a palpable love for flying that makes them uniquely caring and proficient at training General Aviation Pilots, whether VFR or IFR rating. Safety is always first! With the new restaurant addition, we now have a place for pilots to sit, eat and talk about planes together, further increasing the learning curve for all pilots, such as myself. I've almost reached my goal; that infamous check ride so I can start the next phase of license to learn more!

Thank you all at Tampa North. I feel grateful to have found your airport.  


Hey Chuck,

Thanks for doing the great job you did in preparing me. I couldn't have asked for or expected such a great instructor. You were inspiring from the start and really got me more excited about flying than I already was.

This has been a huge accomplishment for me. I know you think I would have gotten through my training hurdles with any instructor, but I still disagree. You helped raise my own confidence level and pushed me beyond what I thought I could handle.

I know this is a "license to learn", but I've gotten a great foundation to build on. Even more importantly, I made a great friend. I look forward to flying with you for years to come. And it was worth every penny.

Take care, Brian


Thank you for the flight experience and good service. I enjoyed flying with Jim very much. He is a great instructor and nice person. Looking forward to flying with you sometimes in the future.

Thank you!

Best regards,



To Fly… to leave the surly bonds of earth, to view what only a few see.

It starts on the ground with folks who care about their students.
If you want to learn to fly, to fly safely & knowledgably, then Tampa North is your place.

You can learn in an environment which is professional all the while feeling part of a family who encourages you all along your journey.
With the help of my instructor (Chuck), and the complimented instruction of Jim (another instructor), and the wonderful staff at Tampa North who saw to the care of their students…now today I can see what only a few see.

Thanks, Paul S.


    I wanted to take a minute and thank you and your organization for the help and support you have given me during my journey towards getting my pilots license. When I decided to pursue training I went to several of the area schools and took numerous discovery flights as I was interviewing the instructors as well as the schools. You were my first introduction to Tampa North and I remember you were very open and really wanted to ensure you answered my questions, no pressure. At that point it was still something I wanted to do sometime in the future. Since I took the first introductory flight with Chuck, the other schools had quite a high standard to meet. They never did. I came back to Chuck and Tampa North to start my training. While the building may be rough around the edges, the people and quality instruction is remarkable. Though sometimes frustrating, the training has been a great deal of fun. I am continually challenged with being the best and my confidence continues to grow as do my abilities. I still have a way to go but wanted to let you know what a great team you have and that I really appreciate the help and support. 


Tim Wiley
Father and Daughter WoodWorks

Chuck, this was wonderful! Unbelievable! I had a blast! I learned more in this one lesson than in all the others combined!
I did 2 takeoffs and one landing! I learned so much! Thank you for directing me to that school!


Hi Arnie,

This is a follow up to my phone message I left you, we just wanted to let you know that we couldn't be more pleased with the North Tampa Flight School.  They are so incredibly professional, and we wouldn't trust our three sons with anyone else.  Our sons are 14, 16, and 18, the instruction and facility is top notch, and  we know they are getting the best training available.

We highly recommend them, and know that you will also find them to be the best around.

If you have any questions, please let us know.


Cathy Seeman


My name is Debra Shaw, and I am currently a student at Tampa North Airpark. Angela asked me to drop you a note about the flight school. I had no aviation experience at all, a friend (already a pilot) nudged and guided me along. He recommended this flight school because they had a better than average completion rate for new aviation students.

I've been training with Jim Spears since last September and have really enjoyed the experience. I will probably finish up and earn my license by the end of this month. Angela is very organized and accommodating and Jim is an excellent instructor. I have found the Cessna "Cleared for Takeoff" multimedia course works well with my busy work schedule. You can move along at your own pace, but the course is structured and easy to follow. I was well prepared for my written exam and passed with flying colors.

-Debra Shaw

I decided to check out 3 or 4 nearby airports and CFIs. I determined that I would examine People, Planes and Programs at each facility to choose the best spot.

Tampa North won the analysis hands down. Angela was very approachable and glad to meet my requests and answer any questions. Her customer focus and service could not be better.

She provided 4 excellent references who wrote very glowing Emails about their experience with Tampa North and their flight instructor Jim Spears.

One flight with Jim was all I needed to cement that decision. Picking the right flight instructor is one of the most important decisions you will ever make in learning to fly. It’s all about experience, competency, confidence and chemistry. After all you are placing your money and your life in your CFI's hands. I have learned on several occasions that that trust is well placed with Jim.

The Cessna Skyhawk trainers are newer and well maintained. The airport is small and ideally located for North Tampa residents. The Cessna Pilot Center learning program is tops in the industry. The CD based program with lesson, questions and demonstration video makes learning and understanding the ton of information required to pass the test manageable.

All in all I would not hesitate to recommend the People, Planes and Program of Tampa North to friends and family.


Arnold (Arnie) F. Newland, BScME, CMRP

Hi everyone. I just got my permanent certificate in the mail today. It's beautiful! I'm very proud of it. Aviation has opened a whole world to me, a world of adventure, excitement, challenges, but most of all a brotherhood of the nicest and most genuine people I have ever met. Thank you to all of you for helping me; I have a whole new life now.

WOW!!!!  Thank you for the flight lesson!!!

It was AWESOME!!!  How cool!!!

Just wanted to thank you for supporting the chamber and the ed committee to get scholarships.

You’re the BEST!!!!

See you again soon!

Martine Duncan



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